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up to my ears in dunnys!


i really REALLY reaaaaaaallllllllllly.... {need to stress this}.... REALLY need to gt rid of my extra dunnys.

just relisted the fatale series... VERY open to offers.
i also have a koibito, and some labbits.

i also have extras from the "2009" and "ye olde english" series and a few from series 5.. (again VERY open to offers) i'm not looking to make a ton of money... i just want these gone. lets make a deal! (i take paypal.)
devilrobots blue (5) and red (2)
mori chack (pink gloomy bear)
mr shane jessup (5)
shawnimal (5)

these would also be great for customizers

ye olde english dunnys:
i have to sort through them... but they are commons.. let me know if you are looking for anything specific.
price: CHEAP!

Azteca Dunny, Kozik Smorkin' Bombs

FS 032010

Click on the picture above or click here to see the sale post on my blog. Leave a comment or send me an LJ message if you're interested.

So much stuff for sale!

Hey everyone!
All of my stuff for sale is at my LJ here: http://killerjamjams.livejournal.com/5505.html

I have cute kawaii necklaces, vintage necklaces, bracelets, vinyl toys (dunny), miniatures/collectibles, and 3D scrapbooking stickers!

dunnys again

hey all
my auctions are almost ending and i still have a LOT of dunny fatale...
i really need to sell these before i move. i'm really open to any offers at this point.
please have a look


dunny fatale

hey all,
i'm selling my dunny fatale series duplicates.

BIN or best offers and i DO combine shipping.

thanks for looking.

Junko Mizuno pure trance figure

Only selling because I got a duplicate. Will also consider a trade for another figure.

Junko Mizuno Pure Trance "Lady Maruyama" figure - $10
comes with card and original box


dunnys on ebay

hey all
i have some dunnys i listed on ebay
they are auction style (no reserve)
i have a lot of colette series
a huck gee lot
and a 3 inch paul smith.
please check them out.